2020 Chinese Government Scholarship Annual Review_Student

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The Chinese Government scholarship annual review for international students is to start in the end of March, according to relative rules and regulations from CSC , please read through this notice and submit on time the Form for Annual Review of Scholarship Status and read carefully the directions and fill it accordingly. Please be noted the following details:


1.Object of Annual Review

 Any student who will still receive Chinese Government Scholarship beginning in September, 2020 must participate in the Annual Review (including students planning to graduate in June, 2020, apply for an extension of scholarship).


2.Period of Annual Review 

From March31 to April 7 , 2020


3.Procedure of Annual Review

01.Download and fill the form carefully.

02.Submit the form to the International Students Office before April 7, 2020 . Students on campus submit the printed form, and others outside the campus submit the digital form

 (E-mail:hmj8848@hfut.edu.cn,Email title:Students ID+Major+Chinese Name).

03.Those without valid permission to not participate in the review process will forfeit their qualifications to receive scholarship.


DOWNLOAD:  Chinese Government Scholarship Annual Review