Hefei University of Technology (2021 Autumn Term) Chinese Language Programs for International Students

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I. Introduction to HFUT

Hefei University of Technology (HFUT), founded in 1945, is a national key university administrated directly by the Ministry of Education of China. HFUT is actively pursuing international exchanges and cooperation. By supporting a wide range of collaborative activities including faculty and student exchange projects, joint supervision plan and international programs at all levels, HFUT has established academic links with more than 50 prestigious universities around the world.


International Education College of HFUT is an institution specializing in the cultivation of international students, with a total enrollment of 467 students from 67 countries and regions. With rich teaching experience and qualified teachers, the college provides international students with Chinese language programs of all sorts. The college also offers elective courses and cultural activities such as paper-cutting, painting, calligraphy, Tai Chi, etc. to enrich the campus life of international students and help them experience Chinese culture better.


II. Objectives and Curriculum

1. Objectives

After ONE term’s learning, Chinese beginners can master about 600 Chinese words; can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters; can use Chinese to complete basic communication tasks in life, study, and work; and can cope with most of the communication tasks in Chinese when travelling in China. (Equivalent to HSK2-3)


After TWO terms’ learning, students can master about 1200 commonly used words; have good daily listening and speaking skills and basic reading and writing skills; can use Chinese to discuss topics in a wider range of fields; can communicate with native speakers fluently. (Equivalent to HSK4).


2. Curriculum


The first term

The second term


Chinese Comprehensive

Chinese Practice

Chinese Character

Chinese listening

Chinese Speaking

Chinese Comprehensive

Chinese Practice

Chinese listening

Chinese Speaking

Chinese Reading








III. Fees

Tuition fee: CNY 6,000/term; CNY12,000/term

Medical insurance fee: CNY800/year (Note: International students must purchase medical insurance in China, otherwise, the registration procedures will not be processed.)


IV. Eligibility

1. Willing to abide by Chinese laws, regulations and school rules and disciplines, and respect the social ethics and customs of China.

2. Age of 18 or above

3. High school certificate or above

4. In good mental and physical health, and meet the Physical Checkup Standards for Applicants to Study in China issued by the Ministry of Education.


V. Application Period

From now until June 15, 2021


VI. Application Procedures

1. Online Application

Log in to our Online Application System http://admission.hfut.edu.cn, and fill out the online application form as required.


2. Materials Submission

Applicants need to upload the following application materials in the application system.

(1) clear scanned copy of valid passport

(2) clear scanned copy of qualification certificate

(3) the “Foreigner Physical Examination Form”, filled out in Chinese or English.

(Note: The inspection result is valid for 6 months) Download here: Foreigner Physical Examination Form

(4) Certificate of Good Conduct

(5) the “Personal Commitment for International Students of HFUT”. Download here: Personal Commitment for International Students of HFUT

(6) the “Guarantee Statement for International Students of HFUT”. Download here: Guarantee Statement for International Students of HFUT


3. Admission Query

Applicants can log in to the Online Application System (http://admission.hfut.edu.cn)  to check the admission results after June 15. We will send out the Admission Notice and the “Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China” (JW201/202) before the end of June 2021.


4. X Visa Application 

Admitted students are required to apply for the study visa (X Visa) at the Chinese Embassy with the Admission Notice and the Visa Application Form (JW201/202). Students need to go to the International Students Office of HFUT to convert the X Visa into a residence permit for study within 30 days after arriving in China.


5. Enrollment and Registration

The enrollment is in early September, and the specific registration time is subject to the date marked on the Admission Notice. Full tuition and medical insurance fees must be paid at one time when registering.


VII. Accommodation

Students can either choose double-bed dormitory on campus (CNY 25/day/bed) or rent an off-campus apartment by themselves. In the latter case, they need to register at the local police station within 24 hours.


VIII. Award of Certificate

Students who have completed one academic year’s study, missed no more than one-third of classes and passed exams will receive a transcript and the certificate of completion. Students with outstanding performance will be admitted first if they apply for the degree courses of our university.


IX. Contact Us

Address: International Education College

Hefei University of Technology

No.193 Tunxi Road, Hefei 230009

P.R. China

Tel: +86-551-62905619

Fax: +86-551-62905619

E-mail: hanyy@hfut.edu.cn